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Starting a new life, but "How", "The Big IF", "Where" were all haunting the mind. Concrete plan was the need of the hour for me and I couldn't push everything for luck to steer me along. I had read a lot of people having started building their dream home with practically nuts in their pockets and succeeded with pomp and glory. I could only envy their stints. I wanted peace of mind before everything else. My life's better half thought otherwise and was hell bent on pushing me into the sea to fathom the surging waves of uncertainty  and I had kept my feet grounded somehow with "Fevicol" on the edge. I only hope Fevicol people give some booty to this falling poor man into the sea of oblivion for using Fevicol, the way they did for the song, "chipkaa le saiyaan Fevicol se," I am sorry I got carried away from my main theme of starting a new life. Friends who know me are advised not to panic as the only gun I had, has been confiscated and lies with my better soul, so whatever favours will be asked, will contain polite words only and no gunpoint orders.

 Starting a new life sounds great but a lot of prudence is the key to a happily running new life. This prudence is either inbuilt or acquired one. We get prudent advisable breakthrough ideas from some experienced quarters which makes the #startinganewlife  a hassle free smooth sailing event, blocking the thunderous storms that would drown everything. I came across such great wealth of ideas and information that took away all my anxieties away and the sailing became a smooth one. Friends may be wondering what I am talking about. I will clear the air sooner than later. Yes, I chanced to visit a new portal which was a well of  immense information, with the help of which starting a new life was just a fun event. All looked a child's play. Now I could easily refer my friends to indulge in it. I had successfully proved my mettle and I knew I had to keep my life happy, so though knowing what force was behind my success, I gave full credit to my better half to have thrown me mercilessly in the puddle of life.

I sometimes muse at how the innocent people get crappy data to savor at various portals and do they not have any right to express. Right web portals are a hard find in the jumble of webs. I am really impressed by the clean immense offerings at

A diamond doesn't need any support to shine and friends can see for themselves the real diamond presented.

Kudos to their efforts. 

Friends can see for themselves here what jackpot I am raving about. Enjoy the starting a new life.

ps;Always change for the better, but this one is even a lot more then better, It is simply irreplacable.   

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