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BNLF = Blog  + Now + Live + Forever

I remember myself searching something on Google six years back and stumbled upon a blogger blog and there was a prompt on top, "create your own blog" and myself just novice in computers created a blog of my own "my musings". It's been a long time since and learned a lot during these years and second great thing that happened was my coming across indiblogger some five and a half years back. Here I can say with pride now, I did have a great time, healthy discussions, hilariously enjoying ones, seriously serious ones, fighting for friends, fighting with friends, etc.etc. This was a congregation where poets, writers, techies, gadgets experts and numerous variety of bloggers interacted heartily. In due time I came to understand that the maxim I had read somewhere fitted in life too well," there is never just one reality, we each have our own version." 

Blogging arena is expanding like hell, and world isn't left like that of the frog in a small well now. This frog might be having a nice 4G connectivity  well, with nice waterproof phone and waterproof laptop and conveying to the world his emotions, knowledge etc. etc. 

I do remember ancient traditions of "Kumbh Mela" where great intellectuals from world over gathered once in three years over the riverside alternately in four different places. It had a religious aspect and a foresighted thinking of exchange of ideas and imparting of knowledge during that period. Indiblogger has come up with a congregation of Bloggers where bloggers from every field meet under one roof and get their minds reactivated with fresh bursts of knowledge. 

A great endeavor indeed where renowned personalities  will be accessible and impart their knowledge. 

I wish to pen here a small real happening with Siri Rabindranath Tagore. He was sitting with a renowned painter of his time, I do not remember his name right now and his disciple brought a painting made by him. It was a marvelous piece as Sri Rabindranath ji too saw it and appreciated it. The great painter rubbished his work saying to go and learn from painters who paint temporary pictures on the road. When his disciple went, Sri Rabindranath ji asked him as to why he had scolded him that way when his work was really superb. He said that if he had praised him, his growth would have stopped there itself. This disciple had returned six months later painting on the roads with those poor painters and returned a fully changed man upon the Gurudev's feet saying he had learnt amazing knowledge from them. The ultimate thing is that there is no end to knowledge and we must keep on progressing in leaps and bounds. 

So, what are you waiting for? Act fast while the seats are left. 

A brief glimpse of some highlights. More can be seen at the link itself.

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  1. Great blogpost Rio,

    I've just blogged about the BNLF experience and takeaways on my blog here

    Do take a look and drop in your comments or add your take aways! :)


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