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The package of pasta lay on the table of a house in a remote village in Bihar. It had to go through a strenuous wait mid way and finally after reaching the destination, it lay there since last two days pitying itself on unfortunately reaching a household where pasta had never been cooked.

It had seen me many times eying the packet closely and understood that nasty experiments would have to be taken head on and this novice might overcook and destroy the ultimate efforts spent upon the making of the godly creation "Chifferi Rigatti." It had taken a sneak peak in the kitchen to look for it's co ingredients, thyme, basil , oregano, white wine, red wine,etc etc.and what not but was perplexed to see none around. It saw all sorts of unrecognizable oddly smelling ones talking to each other and laughing. It was in no mood to get itself nowhere near them, but seeing no other alternative it tried to mix up with them. Turmeric powder said it had immense power of healing and was the most lovable in the house. Kitchen King masala interjected boasting it's universality into any dish formulation here. The much famed Chole masala which had come all the way from the famous Bille di Hatti in delhi, lay in a costly jar, reclining, considered the talk futile, and pretending he heard nothing, looked sideways ignoring them. No matter how much they bragged,"taste" was it's forte and it had often seen people literally licking the plates just for it's yummy quality. People thronged at Bille Di Hatti just due to one grand master performer and it very well knew it's importance. It had made up it's mind not to talk to these people and directly have a tete a tete chat with the master of the house. Chifferi Rigatti seeing the nasty attitude Chole masala, thought to himself, let him have the special jar, it didn't need them at all as their originator Delmonte had adorned them with built in reusable air tight packing seal.

While the master of the house sat brooding over the limited resources available. Taking the pasta packet in hand, taking a deep breath reading the instructions, sighing putting it back upon the table. Thought process went more complex now. Googled results had been more confusing and having read many recipes by and large, the master sat meditating upon the various possibilities of a new avatar of pasta creation, simple to cook but be the king of yum taste. Knowing well the Chifferi Rigatti laying upon the table had taken a lot of trouble reaching up to this place and it's creator Delmonte of Italy had left no stone unturned in perfecting it's creation. Resources were limited here but the zeal to create something yummy was 

Chole masala tried to say something to the master in it's punjabi dialect, but the master overstrained by the limited resources had to put him down immediately in his bihari dialect Laloo style, "bhak budbak, hiya Italy ke International style pasta banawat hain, besi labar labar naa kara," ( duffer, I am creating Pasta that has come all the way from Italy, in International style, don't try to talk nonsense.) 

Google had given enough hints and as thyme and basil were loved world over, the master was busy searching something more thymy and more basilly. 

Since thyme and basil were mere flavors, adding their indian counterparts in the water with the salt and boil the pasta in it would serve the purpose. Seeing the logic a trial was made on this front. Gravy would contain the other ingredients which were floating in the mind. 

Thus thinking the recipe construction began with camera in hand. Let's see how this comes up. 

Take three litres water in a container , it was written on the packet, but after extensive search master came across a chow tip to use cold water in a lot less quantity. Due to cold water pasta wouldn't stick and that same water could be used in sauce making. Another idea that came up was to use thyme and basil fresh leaves along with the pasta to boil, this would add the flavor in the pasta itself. Thus thinking, thyme and basil leaves were plucked from garden and added with the Delmonte pasta one cup to boil in refrigerated cold water. Results can be seen in pictures. 

Added salt while boiling

then rinsed

tomatoes boiled in same water 

mixed in mixer to make paste

tomato puree is made

put one table spoon olive oil in pan and add finely chopped green chilly when the oil gets heated a bit. 

add tomatoe puree with grated onion, garlic, and some pepper with some salt

Then add the tomato paste that had been created earlier with minutely chopped onion and minutely chopped garlic.
Then add the earlier boiled pasta and sauté over mild flame.

Then heat a little finely chopped garlic on a pan and heat bread over it to bring in some garlic flavor to the bread. Then put the bread on a plate and pour the cooked pasta over it.

yummy pasta ready

Don't wait now, and eat the yummy pasta thus created.

I had searched Google for insights into creating this pasta. Though I am no professional and video from zee khana khazana was helpful

This post has been penned for Delmonte contest at indiblogger.

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  1. Great, Rio. Pasta served with a story!

    And the pics of you relishing your creation is feast for eyes. (You do not at all look like the dinosaur you have chsoen as your profile pic in Indi) :)

  2. Got curious and could not wait for IB to release the posts out, so made a visit. Simple and easy to make recipe. Will certainly try out. Nice story to go with the yummy pasta.

    Chennai Focus

    1. Thanks tonns Katie. It came out to be really yummy one.

  3. No doubt it's nothing less than yummy!

  4. Good.... I will try this at home

  5. Pics are very tempting and I
    Love the way you add basil flavor in pasta

  6. "besi labar labar naa kara" I am literally ROFLing here, a simple recipe but it must have been really tasty, and yes using fresh herbs while boiling pasta was a masterstroke. Good luck, Rio sir :)


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