Posted by : RioZee Thursday, August 6, 2015

Resevation: Some in dead favor, some dead against. Some dead neutral. 

Why don't these policy makers see the light and resolve for the best remedy. Why they are hell bent on pushing the nation in to a goddamn ditch. 

They don't have enough seats for all deserving candidates in any field, so divide people by caste factor, and throw away seats for non deserving, just because they belong to a particular caste and by appeasing them politician can get their vote for such acts. Now additions of different castes are done. Demands from many crop up and great movements are organized for additions into that net of RESERVATION. 

Why not people demand equal rights for all citizens. Why this discrimination. As far as I remember, caste system was not a fixed one and anyone could choose any field of work and according to that work his caste was designated. Now I have seen clever people changing their caste and migrating to lower caste to get the desired reservation.

Hat's off to leaders of China, who foresaw the population menace and took stern action. They said we want only that many children whom we can give best of education and lead their life well. So they restricted their citizens to father only one child. 

In India no stern resolve is there. Within 10 years, there will be crores and crores of more students seeking reservation and our governments will find more ways to divide.

I think all upper caste deprived reservation classes will see the light of the day and get their castes changed to RAM in unison. 

Let these politicos scratch their heads in vain .

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  1. This article reminds me of what Gandhi said - The English managed to break us centuries ago. We have never been united since.
    Well said. Rightly written.


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