Posted by : RioZee Thursday, October 1, 2015

I muse, today my muses took me on a journey to my kingdom. Yes ! Everyone heard correctly, my own very kingdom, and since this was my kingdom, it had to be unique in all aspects. 

1)  I would be the sole King and of     course,      my wife the Queen. No questions asked.

2)  WiiFii, yes, Free unlimited downloads for my citizens.

3) Laptops of their choice in gold bags, Free !! Free !! Free !!

4) No cars on road, only bicycles. Or walking. Elders who can't walk or drive bicycle will have tricycles driven by volunteers.

5) Strict vegetarian food in my kingdom as it is my kingdom. We grow our own food and flowers. All mechanized farming.

6) Everyone has a good cow at their house with a volunteer to take care of it Free, and of course cow too is Free.

7) School, College all Free

8) Housekeeping too is Free by volunteers. 

9) Electricity too Free 24 by 7.

10) Pure water too Free.

11) No accounting system as no taxes.

12) Free Library sprawling in Kilometers.

Entry Requirements: Aaah !!! These are weirdest of all but applicant family has to read the rules governing my kingdom before entry:

1) No religion can enter the boundaries of my kingdom. All free souls free from shackles of any caste, creed, or past influences. Since no religion is commanding the country rules, only Human being Always at service of each other will be allowed entry. 

2) Dress code : it should be pleasant but no uniform code allowed as people can show formation of a dress code for a particular group. No group formation allowed.

2) No smoking as there will be no stress to release.

3) No Drinking Alchohol.

3) No leaders because everyone is their own leader. Those who think they can lead, have to learn to lead themselves into their Bliss. 

4) You have the liberty to shout names and curse the King at the end of the year, but not the Queen, because King can't hear anything against the Queen.

5) King can at any point of time add rules as he deems fit but they will not be against humanity.

6) All women and men will be given equal status. Men can give a higher status to their wives, if they wish.

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