Posted by : RioZee Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mental,  Non-mental 

This is World Mental Day, and as it happens, mind got busy searching the mental in me. 

The mind was enjoying the strain it was receiving, as if saying, trample me, crush me,    extract all juices, still the mental in you cannot be cured. It hides behind in the most secluded corners of the brain to come out in the most awkward times when the intelligent debates are at heights.

The mind was convinced of myself to be a mental no matter how much I tried to argue and show my certificates of appreciations. I couldn't challenge my mind on this serious matter and had taken a let go attitude, "until no dogs were harmed by my mental."

This was World Mental Day and I was thinking if I could party being a Mental or just pray for the well being of the mental in me.

Mind brought before me the case of great Einstein before me. He was traveling in a bus and when the attendant had returned the change he tried to count the change many times if he had been returned the correct amount back. The attendant seeing the man an illiterate, said "let me count it for you, you haven't studied maths I suppose," and counted the money for him.

I was happy at the illustration and concluded, I too have trouble counting the change exactly the same way, thus proved "I am an avatar of Einstein." 

Should I visit a mental hospital and give a pat on the back of patients and the Doctors on this auspicious day, but mind warned to go anywhere near the dangerous zone as a slight miss and they could keep me in their confinement. 

So I decided to celebrate this day in full solitude, with me, and my mind, minding their own business. 

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  1. interesting! people who are original and have their own personalities are often tagged as mental.

  2. It sis not World Mental but World Mental Health Day - correction - that said, it is said that there is only a hair-breadth difference between intelligence and insanity - right......:)

    1. Right Sunaina, it's health of Mental, I missed on health I suppose. Thanks for the read and comments.


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