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It is high time big honchos who ever they are, see the bloody light and stop acting like nuts, giving statements which are much needed by terrorists for their causes to flaunt them and incite more and more youth towards their causes.

Yes, it is really a high time humans call the humans to unite and strongly ask the government to shove them into the cell built for Kasab. These honchos desperately need to become human but they are still harping religion. All religious bodies want peace but all we get is hatred among fellow brethren. Is it not high time we all did away with all religious show biz on roads and confine it for just "within each home." 

High time we killed all names and gave just mathematical numbers for each person. No caste, no religion to flaunt, just becoming human beings for once. 

If a word is said and breaks the communal harmony, is it just worth a simple "sorry" statement. What about the pollution that it raked in growing minds of students and what about the crimes that they will do to appease their religious bodies by killing innocent street bystanders. Will these honchos come up and take the responsibility.

There is a term "sampradayik sadbhav" and how does one achieve that.  How can it be grown if political and now the film stars start playing their game. They can say "he started first," but is their any end to it.

I read about film actor Dileep Kumar talking to Nawaaz Sharif during the kar-gill  debacle at the behest of government to appease the situation. Mind just boggles at the sheer stupidity of ways to fight terrorism. We see the enemy but are just languishing because of good and bad terrorism terms. 

Common innocent man only suffer, be it in any country. Are we really religious? 

We will keep on seeing innocent blood shed if we don't see the alarming situation we are being driven into. Will Mr. Musharraf adorn his heroes of terror with accolades just like he says. The poor terrorists too are misguided souls at the behest of these nuts. Don't they see the repercussions of killing innocents. 

If Musharraf only had the guts to fight the war on border, instead of hidden agenda of creating a menacing band of terrorists under the garb of good terrorism  and killing innocent people on streets. They are their heroes, high jacking aero-planes to get their accomplices out of jail. They should be really proud of their cowardice. 

Is it not High-Time?

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