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This blogpost has been inspired by the new learning given by the much celebrated Christopher Trappe's soul stirring talk to write in day to day happenings.

Yes, mess up can be on the horizon when you are too confident of yourself way too much beyond any doubt. 

I started to come to Mumbai for the BNLF from Surat and I knew the name of train and had reservations in hand. I caught the train fully energetic with zeal to reach Mumbai and slept soundly on the berth allotted for me. Early morning as presuming my destination to have come up, I got do get down and asked the person getting down if Mumbai central has arrived and he gave me a shock of my life. 

"You're in Ahmedabaad dude."

I thought this guy is in his dreams, and I mused at his sleep. I got down and confirmed it to be Ahmedabaad and felt like beating my head on the wall.

Now, I was in a nice deep mess to get out of the platform without a genuine ticket and seeing the ticket checking at exit to be very vigilant, I sat upon a bench waiting for the gate to clear up and a little while later seeing that gate still going strong in checking, I looked for another exit gate, and luckily I found one, and exited much to my relief and readers relief as well. 

Now the task was to catch another train to Mumbai, and a tedious task of getting the reservation started and I embarked upon another hefty journey of 8 hours to Mumbai to attend BNLF meet.

Although all that ends well is great, but this had been my first mishap with overconfidence and I had learnt the new koan the harder way, "Ask." Now I asked freely before boarding any train if it really went to the destination to which I intended to travel. 

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  1. At least you learned something from this hassle. Ask people, and try to trust their answers too.
    Hope your return journey went smoothly. Have a great week!


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