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Kids will be kids and as a parent I had always opted for toys from which they could learn something new. When I bought a colgate packet and seeing the pictorial play for kids, I bought all four types as I wanted to spruce up their thinking abilities.

I gave my nephew the package and I was amazed to see the gleam in his eyes and an instant run in to see what treasure lied within. The luminous pictures reminded me of my fancy to picture books in my childhood days. 

The pictures of different theme sets of magical sea world were really impressive. I understood how much brains these Colgate people must have put in to bring it on platter for kids. I remembered my childhood when I used to buy Frootie candy and I was more interested in the wrapper containing the different sets of animal pictures which I used to paste on the album and look for the missing animal pictures with frenzy. I still remembered the total number of pictures were 90. I Had succeeded in filling the the album. Those were plain days without technology but now kids were technology oriented. 
Colgate Magical Sea World was based on 4 themes, Coral Reef, Pirate Ship, Sea Magic and Treasure Hunt. 

Nephew started hollering, "Tauji, taau ji, Bring some more packets. There will be more of different themes". I pacified him to be satisfied with what he has got. When they launch some star wars sets, you will get them first. He was a little disappointed but started playing with them. He started explaining me the picture stories like an adept. 
" Taau ji, you know this, you know that," as if I knew nothing. It looked kiddish to me but the enthusiasm with which he went into the plot made me play the game as he wanted.

"Have you gone to the bottom of the sea?" He asked me and I admitted that I hadn't but one day I would take him there and he could play with real octopuses. He rolled his eyes in bewilderment saying, "Octopus will catch us and eat us alive." I tried to appear shocked and said we will go with knives to save ourselves. The amazing part was he knew he could save himself with knife but his reaction was ultimate," Taau ji, aap to gaye." (Taau ji, you will be dead.)

I tried to cajole him, "won't you save your Taau ji from the octopus," and he said concernedly, "I have to save myself also, but after coming out I will definitely try to get you out."

I thanked him for saving my life, and he stressed upon me to take him along if I really wanted to be saved from wild sea creatures.

I was thinking if it was his child brain just wanting well of me, or it was his calculated efforts of going to sea in reality. Whatever the reason, I was deeply moved and asked once more, "how are you so confident of yourself?" He said, Taau ji, "these are all friends, if we do not harm them. " I got the point. 

I am really thankful to Colgate for thinking up  of this offering for kids to build their imagination. 

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