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This takes me back to the writings about the Alexander era. I will try to keep it as simple as possible. 

Alexander had been impressed by Dandamis, a great Indian saint and had asked of him to leave India and go with him to his country, to which he had refused, saying that he was happy serving one master, God and the meager things he needed to support the body were abundant. 

One of the disciples of Dandamis, Calanus, Indian name Kalyana, got lured and left India and accepted Alexander as Master and left with him. Calanus grew weaker there and realized his mistake and took upon a decision to self immolate himself. He conveyed his desire  to Alexander and everything was arranged for him to depart in pomp and glory. He was provided the best horse which he gave to his greek disciple Lysimachus

Calanus didn't flinch in fire, and accepted his death smiling. He prophesized about Alexander's death in Babylon, saying, we shall meet in Babylon. 

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