Posted by : RioZee Friday, February 16, 2018

I recently read a clip of newspaper of 78 years ago.

I am puzzled at the fact that when partition was affected on ground of a separate Hindu Nation and a Muslim nation, why or how did secularism enter the agenda. I have no qualms on secularism, as Hindutva’s major principal lies in “vasudhaiva Kutumbakam “ (whole humanity as one family) but Hindu religion needs some basic changes in ideology to safeguard every religious people’s peace and harmony the way every other religion wants. Each religion should be compelled to compulsorily follow a humanitarian code of conduct for mutually peaceful humanitarian living and give space to each other and all fanatics and their fanaticism be ousted from roots. 

Each individual lives are endangered by religious fanaticism. Cross border activists easily brain wash teenager youths towards their hazardous ends. 

Strong rules and extra effective will power is needled to curb the menace. Politicians have to reach a consensus on this burning matter. 

Pakistan proudly says it is a Muslim nation, so other people of various religion have to follow their path of law. India is proud to be secular where all religious bodies have their individual rights and law to has different codes for each religion. 

What say friends?

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