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AyushmaanBharat a laudable scheme to provide medical treatment to the masses. The salient features of the scheme just enable the hospitals to prescribe multiple endless tests of beleaguered patients till the value of 5 lac in exhausted and if they can sell land to get further diagnosis done they will be kept. If not they will be thrown out of their campus mercilessly with an incomplete and undiagnosed treatment and doubts that they saw some gland in lungs or some ulcerative formation in stomach but the 5 lacs were exhausted reaching upto that much. Now complete pet - scans with ingesting radioactive material in body would be needed, then biopsy, then encephalitis panel serum test of blood and then some fluid will be needed to be extracted from spinal column where slight miss and the person might be paralyzed for life, etc. and etc. and etc....the poor person will come out of the alluring jhinchak hospitals more confused than he entered there.
All in all a clear money syphoning goldmine given to the Doctors and hospitals team in which the major chunk of the booty is of course of the Doctors and the owners of hospitals. 
Government will pay the insurance company a premium and why will the insurance company not devise a way in connivance with these hospitals to make hay while the sun shines.
Clear picture will come when all gets done and public starts thronging to get treated for mild fever or cough. 

Entire hospital system is based on a very dubious and filthy system where a Doctor doesn’t get a fixed remuneration by way of a salary but is given a percentage cut in every process involved from entering the hospital till death does one apart. He buys medicines which are never prescribed in generic name but companies that give them perks or some even have their relatives opening up small brand of pharmaceutical company which doesn’t do any formulation of their own but get their branded product outsourced and delivered to them. They just market them with ease due to connections with doctors. 
The big line of learned MBA marketing agents who studied their asses off to work for these cheap people are seen lined up outside the chambers of doctors at hospitals. They do not meet them without any gift offers because they have very less time to put the point through the doctors heads and only point that goes in their head is the weight of the gift offered. After all they will sell a 50 paisa formulation at 100 rupees. Doctor is not a fool. He knows all chemistry and the physics of it.

Recently met one distressed couple at a big multi specialty hospital. They were unable to pay 15k and were left with no option but to keep the patient in the lobby of the hospital. Next day they arranged and went to pay but the bill was escalated to 21k. They demanded explanation for additional 6k to which they were told some medicines were given. The person said that one tablet was only given and he wanted to know the name of tablet costing 6k. They were completely exhausted. After much deliberation the counter clerk gave 1k discount and they paid 20k and went. 

I don’t say that all are like that but if we look around only negligible few would be free of malpractices.

  • Our entire system needs a revamp like the west. We should take salient points from their way of work. They pay handsome salary to doctors and they do their duties diligently. They don’t get any percentage system in any work they do. Medicine is provided upon prescription only in generic name only. This brings in a decent system of work culture. Patient is treated for the ailments and entire body is not thrown for unwarranted tests which they know what results they will get.

Till our system wakes up, may the doctors and hospitals flourish and keep blooming.They 

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