Posted by : RioZee Wednesday, October 20, 2021

 I had a chat with God, yes! You heard me right. He wanted to chat after centuries of silence. 

I held my head low in gratitude. Why me, I blurted?

He said with a benevolent smile, “because I like you.”

My mind wondered a bit hearing this. A lot of religious heads were praying incessantly and left no stone unturned to see that their convoy grew multi-folds and newcomers also prayed day and night by their constant nudging.

God, the almighty read my mind instantly and a commanding voice filled my eardrums, “each and every being has my fragrance by birth and the hate that has arisen out of the ego of the heads of religious sects has risen to exploding levels and any death that occurs due to their fanatical approach in the name of serving God, puts them in the most adverse list of mine. I am at a loss to design proper rewards for them.”

Abruptly he asked, can you pass on my message to the people?

I said nervously, “my lord, people are glued to social media nowadays and it is full of sectarian preachers harping away. My voice will never go through their heads. They preach love just for name sake. Their words imply love for their sect and hate for another sect. It is a Herculean task to teach love for each and every soul. There is no magic wand that can be swayed and the people get reformed with immense love for each other.” 

Suddenly I remembered I had yearned to know about Soma rasa………., (to be continued)

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