Posted by : RioZee Saturday, April 13, 2019

The world needs new concepts to be devised for people to live harmoniously. Immense progress is seen in all scientific fronts with the latest being the picture of black hole. 

There are different religious concepts, all teaching love and affection but people all the more ready to kill at a slightest instigation. 
Situation is all the more alarming and the people holding high positions must employ great minds to come up with some laws of humanitarian existence to be accepted globally by each community for peaceful humanitarian coexistence.

My one view is that religion is all concept of a personal realm and each one must strive to reckon personal self. The large congregations should be all pointed for self enlightenment and any instructions or commands of any killings broadcasts in the name of saving God must be treated as a heinous crime and punished strictly. 


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  2. There is so much more than killings, happening in the name of religion. Smart people love to exploit people desperately seeking self-enlightenment and they have built their empires doing so. This picture may be having great scientific significance, but ironically, it seems to be a perfect representation of the future of human race.


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