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My mind was churning around the famous French saying, “with enough IF we can put Paris in a bottle.”
If I win this, I will donate full amount to charity’. But after winning too, it’s the great conniving mind only, which is left to the arduous task of of getting away with the commitment.
My MusingsI remember the old story, where a man climbed a very tall tree, to pluck the juicy fruits of it and when he looked below from the top, he was scared to bits. People walking below looked like small ants.
He started praying to all the Gods he knew of, and made a pledge in his mind that he would be offering 501 rupees at the feet of the Lord, if he got down safely. Chanting the name of the Lord, he successfully came down halfway through, looked down and a little relieved, thought in his mind, 501 rupees is too much, but I will surely part with 251 rupees for the Lord. Again chanting the name of the Lord he started coming down and reducing the offered amount as he came down, up to the amount that was reduced to a miniscule 10 rupees. But still his mind was not satisfied. Reaching a safe distance, he let go his hands and fell down to the ground.
Now he had a valid point that he had fallen down, so he was not going to give any amount whatsoever in the offerings to the Lord.
Another nice story is of a King who, on the verge of a death in a natural calamity, offered the Lord that he would sell the palace and donate the amount to the beggars. He was saved and since he had announced publicly, he had to sell the palace and donate the amount to keep his words. He offered the palace on sale for just 1 rupee, but along with that he offered a cat too on sale at one crore rupees. It was mandatory for the buyer to buy the cat too, along with the palace.
Deal was done, and sale proceeds of palace, 1 rupee was given to a beggar.

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