Posted by : RioZee Monday, January 24, 2011

My MusingsMy mind goes numb at the gimmicks played by the politicians. I cannot perceive what they desire to achieve. Resurrect the plummeting vote bank,  and , or fresh innocent martyrs. The recent boil put forward in Jammu & Kashmir, The reservation andolans, etc., endless is the list, and its an irony that one can easily fight outsiders but it is really a nightmare to fight out our fellow misguided brothers.
Very stringent actions are the need of the hour if we want to save our country.
Each and every citizen should be free to exercise his free will only up to the mark he doesn’t hurt others.
Law and order should be completely impartial and confidence should be developed.
Terrorists have no religion and media should stop naming them with any religious groups. They ought to be treated as simple hardcore terrorists, and dealt with in the same coin.
Strong acting centre  is utmost needed, but Alas!!!

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