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Since I travel a lot, and talk a lot, I get to make great acquaintances, and at times get to know of their tragedies in pursuit of easy money.
My MusingsI was about to retire on my middle berth in train to Kolkata. A gentleman who was in possession of lucrative lower berth was moving restlessly to and fro in the cabin. This was disturbing my sleep activations to start up. Though I am an excellent sleeper in train.
I enquired of him as to what was the trouble. He immediately seized on the opportunity and started his sad narrative. I had asked for it, and he was giving it at 11 p.m. approaching midnight.
He began thus :  I got myself cheated by a gang of cheaters in my College days, by a whooping 5 lacs of rupees. Since then I am unable to sleep the nights.
I now pitied him, and all my ear fully receptive of every word he said.
He continued, I was approached by a man who asked how many 100r.s. notes I had. Then I had 5000r.s. in my pocket. He took my 5000r.s. and gave me 10000 r.s. brand new notes and said these notes are the extremely genuine notes. I got them en cashed easily.  Next day he came up with another offer. Bring in any amount to my hotel and take double the amount instantly. I arranged 5 lacs and along with 3 best friends went to his hotel in filmy style. I told my friends to sit in a restaurant near the hotel with the money and when I motion them to come , then only to come up to the hotel room.
I went to their room with an empty bag. They asked me to show the money. I insisted they show theirs first. They agreed and showed 10 lacs pure genuine notes. I now motioned my friends to bring in the 5 lacs. Deal was done. When we were leaving the hotel, they too came down and requested to go with us in our taxi. I agreed. When taxi crossed the racecourse our taxi was stopped by police officers. They said we have reports there is forged money in the bags. You all will go to the Jail for 30 years. I and my friends parted with all the gold chains rings etc. to save our asses. The cheaters were taken by them.
Later I came to know it was the fake police.
After saying this he looked a bit relieved. I consoled him, but he had passed on his insomnia to my head. I could visualize this poor fellows ordeal.
I saw him sleeping blissfully now. I mustered up all my energies latent in me, to let my head sleep profoundly like a brick.
I now muse on the charges he would have incurred for sessions with a psychotherapist in a western country.       

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