Posted by : RioZee Saturday, April 2, 2011

The air was tense. Mobiles, watches etc. were compulsorily deposited with the caretaker before stepping inside the room.
Seeing all the wanted faces, with a sigh the anonymous Head Bookie broke the deafening silence : One mosquito has turned us all into Hinjadas.
Indian Bookie : Boss, Poonam Pandey…
Head : How on earth can this happen to our trade. No player is accepting any  money, due to Poonam Pandey. Even the opposing team wishes to loose the match happily.
French Bookie : In ancient France old sick people were served with bare enticing models to watch, to heighten their spirits, and recover soon. But this tryst is maddening. How low people can go to get a simple World Cup.  
Pak Bookie : I said so many times to silence..,
Head Bookie : We have our ethics, and morals. I don’t know where these women rights activists gone. Now I am off to see what this Poonam Pandey is, at Wankhede Stadium.  

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