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It’s morning yet again, and I woke with pleasant hearty mind. I have become very efficient in my tea making process. The blister of three days ago is gone. Now, slowly I am becoming friends with fire. The fire is friendly now, and I feel, it regrets being cause of blister on my hand. I, forgiver that I am, silently bowed and as if forgiving the fire, seeked it’s blessing in my tea making endeavor.  

Tea and it’s refreshing sips. I started my tea sip with slow filling intake.
My mind wondered to the menace of stray dogs, and bulls.
I remembered the bold and beautiful command these creatures have over the roads. 

One man, known to me, well, just yesterday was chased by a bull, and poor guy slipped and injured his back. Bull, seeing his innocent fall, forgave him, and did not crush and trample him. 
This Image is courtesy of tribune news, and the news, "Just after two days when Promila, a Panjab University student, was killed by a stray bull, a 23-year-old student of the Law Department of the university received serious injuries in a road accident involving a stray cow today".

Padam Kant Dwivedi, who was injured when a stray cow hit his scooter on Sunday. — A Tribune photograph

In another incident, five days ago, a poor man was chased by a stray dog, and fell and broke his hand. These petty news, never make the headlines, but are of significant importance. 

No one comes forward with a resolve to demand for a solution to these grave problems. People see it as destiny and get their treatment done. The other day itself, my housemaid had taken abrupt leave, grounds, her young son had been bitten by a stray ,dog, and she had to take him to a nearby town hospital for injections.

Public awareness on these simple looking troubles and harnessing them was direly necessary.

I remembered my trip to America five years back, and how I was astonished to see the cleanliness of roads and no stray dogs or open gutters, for people to slip and fall in to like India. I mused, was it for our sins, that these hurdles are just necessary ingredient of our roads. 

My mind took me to the point, where I had just loo pressure, and could find no place on the road side in America to relieve myself. Oh! How I missed my homeland then, controlling my bladder was just not in me as I had never come across such situation in my life. 
Here I was, and I had been keeping a silence period of one hour, from 6pm to 7 pm. And I was at this very time that the pressure had taken over me. I had kept walking on road searching for some place of release. Seeing a Gas Station I had searched around like a dumb nut, but no sign of restroom anywhere. Twenty munutes had passed and friends, you can imagine my position, something had to be done immediately, and I was unable to speak due to my vow of silence.
I had entered a shop, and though seeing a beautiful lady at counter, taken aback, motioned by hand, strongly feeling she doesn’t take it otherwise, for pen and paper. I can still remember the disgust that had arisen on her face reading the words “RESTROOM ?” that I had written on that piece of paper. She had told me to go to the gas station nearby. I couldn’t tell her that I couldn’t find any there, but took the piece of paper and had went on to try my luck again to that same gas station. Again, not finding any, I had seen a shop adjoining the gas station. When I had shown my “restroom?” paper to the clerk, He had shown me the clean restroom, inside the shop itself. Oh! What a relief it had been. I can never forget my tryst of finding a restroom on American road, silently.

The tea cup lay empty, taunting, as if it had too, thoroughly enjoyed my tryst with “RestRoom”.

I, heartily congratulate StayFree to have come up with such a novel idea of “Time to Change” concept. This pen down is due to the sole inspiration of their contest topic, at Indiblogger

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  1. As you make friendship with the series, you are making friends with your thoughts as well and the flow is becoming much more smoother and comfortable. Hope you are planning to keep up this series for long. Interesting episode that triggered lot of memories for me as well.

  2. Thanks tonns@the fool, for the encouraging words. really boosted my sentiments.

  3. In our country all open spaces are washrooms-those who are disgusted can look the other way!

  4. thanks indu ji, the situation is very alarming, public awareness is utmost necessary.


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