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Aah, The aroma of tea, being brewed, was filling my senses. I lazily awaited, lying on my bed, for the final shakeup, by my beloved, with a tray of two tea cups in a tray. “Charity begins at home.” A sudden thought flashed in my mind. I, thought I should begin the change from my own very home. I briskly got up and headed straight for the kitchen. Before she could say anything, I told her to go and rest. I would be bringing the tea cup today. She couldn’t believe it. “Do you know how to make tea?” she exclaimed.
I gave a sly wink and motioned her to leave the kitchen. Hesitatingly she left.
I shouted from Kitchen,”Darling, where is the sugar?”
She shouted back, “ you see a box with salt written on it, It’s sugar in that.”
I mused to myself, “thank God I asked, otherwise would have made a supe fool of myself.” I picked the saucer pan in a hurry, to let the overflowing milk settle a bit, but let a startling shriek, in a muffled voice. My hand had taken a blister as prize. I somehow made the tea, and like a Hero, completely exhausted put the tray of aromatic tea cups in front of my beloved Mrs.

Her comment was, very soothing, as she sipped the tea slowly. “I didn’t know you could make such wonderful tea.”
I, a little elated, all fatigue gone, forgetting the small burn on the hand, slowly lifted my cup to sip my hard earned sip. 

Tea indeed had come out to be really wonderful, by God’s grace. I said the truth to my darling, first time in my life. “ Dear, you have such a wonderful memory, that you remember smallest bygone things of past, had my father in law taught you well, you could be a great practicing Doctor.” These words had my sincerest hearty thoughts, coming out of the aroma of tea.

She said, taking a small sip,“ My Dear Buddhu, If I became a Doctor, I wouldn’t have been in this stingy village in the first place.”    

I felt myself like the German nut, but, I was confident, neither she nor I would even think of a divorce, because of our deep rooted cultural bonding. Sipping the tea, mind taking the drifts, into another realms.
A businessman in olden India, had come back home after months of wanderings. Reaching home he had asked his wife to bring a glass of water. By the time she brought the glass of water, this man had fallen asleep. This lady stood with the glass of water in her hand, the whole night, out of love. His husband was thirsty and could demand water any time, and waking him from sleep, would disturb his sleep. The heritage of such great culture, filled a sense of pride in me.      

I, having had my first hand experience of kitchen, now, without any exaggeration, unanimously, willing to award the nobel prize for kitchen, to Women. Taking the last sip, I decided for the agenda of change for the evening cup.

Drunk driving.

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The Evening tea cup, exactly on schedule, came at my table. I, took the first sip, slowly, filling the mind with the freshness of strong tea aroma. The danger, the loss of lives of near and dear ones, just due to high intake of alchohol, over dozed driving.
My mind really pitied, why people commit such disastrous deeds. 

Tea sips drifted my mind to a common roadside teashop, I had been waiting for my special tea to be made. My mind was distracted towards, two three people chatting, sipping tea.

One was saying, “ You all know very well, how perfect I drive when I have taken in some alchohol.” 

Others chimed in unision, “very true bro.” 

Then again he had continued his heroic narration, “ Yesterday I was on highway, with mood in full sway of alchohol, was driving along, a truck suddenly came in front of me at full speed, I cut to the left, another bus, coming straight at me, I myself owe my safety to the alchohol,  that you all are seeing me here, I myself don’t know, how I was saved, but,  you know Mishra, he was sitting next to me, he shitted in his pants.”

My tea cup lay empty, but resolve to eradicate drunk driving had settled in every brain cell of my mind. This too was not an easy task, but strong support from all men and women could only help in eradicating this evil.

 I, heartily congratulate StayFree to have come up with such a novel idea of “Time to Change” concept. This pen down is due to the sole inspiration of their contest topic, at Indiblogger 
I know, you all want me to start drinking more cups of tea, to write more sagas, but  patience....., another saga will unfold, sooner than later.   

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  1. My only takeaway from this piece... you made tea for your wife... cheers to that. Keep the cups coming for her.

  2. hehehe, my wife too, wants that only, and I don't know what's going to happen to my hand. And everyday I may not be able to make good tea after all.

  3. Nice post, PL. Especially liked the story of the ancient businessman. The sudden transition to Drunk Driving was a bit distracting.

  4. Thanks @The Fool, for great inspirational support. Drunk driving, is one menace that crept in my thoughts at tea time, so, penned them.


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