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I have made the morning tea, as desired by my wife, and seconded by obsessivemom. I myself don’t know how long I will be able to make tea, but a  steel resolve to continue this , is presently lingering in my mind. The pleasures of enjoying tea, after a hard, strenuous effort, is all the more rewarding.

I woke up my beloved, with the steaming tea cup.
The first small sip, rejuvenated my entire system. The falling ratio of girls, in comparison to boys, crept in my mind. The clever identification of baby girl in fetal stage by way of ultra-sonography, and then their murder in an ultra-heinous fashion, led to this alarming anomaly facing humanity.
My mind, reverted to the recent innovation, by way of which, only simple blood test of mother could tell of a fetus of baby girl or, baby boy, in the initial stage of the first month of conception. The taste of tea, was getting sour now. The present scenario, was really drastic, with only 800 girls to 1000 boys ratio approx., in India. Vital stringent measures were need of the hour. Awareness drive, where each men and women participated and pledged. Female feticide had to be stopped at all costs.

I remembered, the olden days, when father of a girl would leave his village, to another on lookout of a suitable groom for his daughter. Now, none could be seen. People used to pray to God earnestly, for nice groom, for their daughter.

I recently was listening to a prayer offering, which clearly asked of God to get brides for their bachelor sons. They were getting aged, and if they got married, the couple promised to present a seat of gold, for God to sit upon.

I mused, taking a long sip, the parents of boys, will have to cough up dowry to get them married. A clever man like me could never die of hunger, all I have to do is keep a fictitious nice girls pic. And roam the villages, looking for a groom for her. The prospective parents of boys, being utterly desperate, offer variety of tantalizing dishes, and juices. Stay the night in the best room of groom’s house, then leave for another village, taking leave to call back later.

My tea cup lay empty, and many may think of it as a joke, but the situation is really grim, and serious efforts are needed to curb female feticide. 

 I, heartily congratulate StayFree to have come up with such a novel idea of “Time to Change” concept. This pen down is due to the sole inspiration of their contest topic, at Indiblogger  

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  1. Pradeep ji you continue to amaze me with your stories:)

  2. Honored Kajal ji, is my post and blog to have such thoughtful reader. Thanks tonns

  3. Lolz... at 'hard, strenuous effort at' making tea. What would you do if you had to make lunch??
    The issue of diminishing girl:boy ratio is indeed very sad. How can someone not want a daughter? They're the sweetest, nicest, most thoughtful creatures God ever made.

  4. thanks obsessivemom, for such great comments. Indeed, you are right, but it's a dead fact,90% abortions are of girl child in India. Govt. has banned it but it goes on. I think prevalent dowry system led to it.
    Thanks again.

  5. An interesting point that you've made here... crisp and to the point. A deeper dive into this can be quite revealing...

    Hope I can suggest a couple of things... the twitter bird here is quite a disturbance -- do ask it to be silently observant. :)

  6. Thanks Arvind ji, For valuable comments, all suggestions heartily welcome and sincere efforts from everyone's part for this change,is need of the hour. If it continues, I dread the ratio to diminish to 600:1000, or so within a span of 10 years.
    situation looks like getting grimmer day by day.
    I am sorry for the bird, please bear with it. I don't want to clip it's wings.

  7. This is the best one of the lot so far, PL. Excellent line of thought.

  8. Thanks Tonns Nikhil,
    @ The Fool, I really love your frank and crisp take on write-ups.


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