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I sat thinking, over my daily cup of tea, a bludgeoning turmoil boiling in the head, instigated by the topic put forward by Stay free, “Time to Change”. Every passing second was filling in the mind with innumerable, must change priorities. It was a mixed jumble, and I wanted them to take a crystal clear shape. It would need a hell lot of tea cups, another thought pushed in. My mind instantly muted it as impossible. My two cups were fixed by my dear dear wife since 1987 and this was one impossible change, I couldn’t even dream of cropping up anywhere near my mind. I thought it better to jot down daily precious tea-time thoughts in small tiny bits.
Tea-Time-Day-One, had concluded well. I lauded myself on my impeccable decision. I decided the Agenda of change, over next cup of tea, to crush decisively upon women plights, and restore their equal rights, that were cleverly battered and maltreated by men.   
Tea-Time-Day-Two: The invigorating tea, started it’s playing spell upon my mind. The women, being un-educated, since ages, just to have superior standing upon them. They were taught just household duties, and to always think of their husbands to be in parlance to God, sorry, God himself. And just touching their feet, and serving them, would reserve a place for them in heaven. Suddenly my thought took me to an encounter with a German man in train. We had become good travelling friends. This man had joined ISKCON society, and was travelling to Kolkata, and was dressed in attire of  a monk. He learnt of Indian clever ways, handed down to us since ages, and had tried this one small thing, first thing, he had reached back home. He confided in me, how he had adored the Indian concept of women touching the feet of their husbands. He said that he had asked this one small courtesy of gratitude, from his beloved wife, to touch his revered feet, and that bloody nut, had gone in and initiated a divorce. 

The tea cup was lying empty now. I knew this herculean task is not an easy one. Challenges innumerable. They had to be imparted proper education. Small efforts were showing results in metros, but in villages, women still abstained from taking name of their husbands. A grassroot level approach, with all men, making the effort sincerely in this direction, could only restore their lost high esteem.
Sorry Intelligent

I will be continuing the Daily cups of tea, dire changes saga, over my next cup of tea. Brace your hearts till the next cup endearingly touches my hand and lips. Sincere efforts and well wishes of each and everyone is needed for the change to be seen. I, heartily congratulate StayFree to have come up with such a novel idea of “Time to Change” concept. This pen down is due to the sole inspiration of their contest topic, at Indiblogger.     

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  1. Very tasty stuff! Waiting for the next cup!!

  2. sibi, welcome to my world of tea time,I hope some day we would be sipping tea together. Thanks tonns for the support of pen.

  3. Yo dude !
    i guess this idea came to you while having a cup of tea in your tea time :)
    KUDOS dude \m/

  4. Beautifully written. a simple task like tea drinking and what deep thoughts..

  5. Yo Dude, I must thank you dude, for the encouraging input. Hope to see you here more often

  6. Here's to many more cups of tea and many more thought-provoking musings.

  7. I am thinking about the poor monk.hahaha...

    Anyways, a nice blend of tea and thoughts.

    Best of Luck for the contest!

  8. Thanks tonns, neeraj, obsessive mom, and madhumathi,*honored*

  9. Nice story. I also loved the flashing image at the top. Lovely touch!

  10. Thanks Richa ji, for valuable comments


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