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I am a great and fast tea maker now. The rich freshening smell of tea is full in the air. 
Today my mind is a lot light, since I got up. My wife is now enjoying the curriculum change at my expense. My heart too is at sync. And now I think I should have started it a lot earlier. There is a saying, “Whenever you get up, it’s morning.”

I wished from heart, a sincere token of thanks for the group of StayFree, which had inspired this turnaround in me.

Taking a sip, my beloved chipped in, “Darling, I still can’t believe my eyes, you could make such wonderful tea. Had I only known earlier,”

My mischievous mind, was warning me, but my resolve was not a common one. It was as tough as steel.

First refreshing sip, opening away, all the avenues in my morning, fresh as daisy mind.
Parenthood, and my concerned mind was not at ease on this delicate issue. Becoming a parent didn’t need any certification and preparation, but it’s strong need was burning my mind. How vulnerable and delicate kid is at the mercy of parents whims and fancies. Poor kids, don’t even know, why they are being mercilessly beaten.
An incidence I encountered in train flashed in my mind.

A lady was sitting on the front seat, with her baby girl child, and her father. The kid was smiling and chirpily moving hither and thither. Suddenly the lady slapped a strong blow at her child, and the kid started hollering and shrieking. I was perplexed. I couldn’t imagine, what this baby girl had done, to be rewarded thus. The lady’s father looked at his daughter questioningly. The lady clarified “Dad, she is drinking so much water, whole night, who is going to take her to bathroom every minute. The child was still sobbing. I pitied, the child’s inability to serve her mother in the same manner.

This was just one instance, but millions of instances can be witnessed, in day to day life. It’s high time, people with strong willpower and conscience rose up to this ultra neglected manner of bringing up kids. These kids are helpless, and every man and women, before becoming a parent must understand, what responsibility, they are entering into, and must give their full heart and soul into it.

This incidence, I had heard of, not seen myself, but I feel like penning here. 

A man from Chennai was working in U.S.A., his kid was studying there. One day angered by his some act, he picked up the stick to thrash him. His son, warned him,”Dad, I will call the police, if you touch me even.”

Now, poor dad, controlled his anger some how. Within a month, resigned, took a flight back home for Chennai. He started the thrashing of his beloved kid, from the Chennai airport itself, beckoning him to call up any police he wanted to call.
image courtesy

I know, kids need to be guided properly, but beating is preposterous. There are many ways to guide them.
I wish to bring to light the need for great change in upbringing of our innocent kids. Every concerned man and women must rise to the cause towards this unseen cruelty towards kids.
I didn't realize the teacup lay empty, staring at me. 

I, heartily congratulate StayFree to have come up with such a novel idea of “Time to Change” concept. This pen down is due to the sole inspiration of their contest topic, at Indiblogger  

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  1. your series are so beautifully entwined. Love them.

  2. Kajal, I really feel lucky to have such concerned wonderful reader of my blog. Thanks a lot, for the encouraging comments, which are real gems, for me and my blog.

  3. Oh yes I agree wholeheartedly - raising your hand at your child is just not right. However I have to confess I've done it sometimes. There are days when you're bone tired and they try your patience so sorely you simply lose it. God knows you need patience to raise kids - a double dose if you have twins :-)

  4. Obsessivemom, thanks tonns for patient reads and valuable comments to my posts. *gratitude*

  5. Interesting thoughts on parenthood, PL. Nice. Though I still feel parents should have some liberty to dispense punishment or they will totally lose control.

  6. Thanks @The Fool, Parenting is a task in itself.

  7. Hi, Nice Read. I am a parent of a 3 yr old. Even I dont advocate punishing kids for no fault of theirs. But today;s brats can really push you to the verge of your patience sometimes :)

  8. hehehe,Jaysh, it's right, patience is a lost commodity now,best wishes.

  9. That photograph of the child holding the side of his head is gut wrenching. Adults should really be able to control themselves a little more. What example are they setting their kids? I've seen a Hindi movie recently where an old man hit the lift man. I thought that was shocking behaviour and promoted by Indian cinema too! I'm glad you wrote about this, Maun Vision.

  10. KayEm, thanks for moral support, situation is real grim in India, as no awareness is there regarding this. It's high time people rose and voiced concerns.


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