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Another fine morning awakens, and I am ready with my steaming hot tea cups. 

Today, for a change, I thought to just enjoy my hard earned invigorating tea, and leave away any complicated dire changes thoughts aside. Just me, my wife and the steaming saffron Tea. 
No intruding thoughts, whatsoever. I slowly picked the cup and took in the refreshing sip, slowly. But this was not destined to be. An intriguing matter of strong concern, seeped into my mind. 
The revolting public.

The strong need to have adequate norms, to abstain people from blocking roads, stopping trains etc. over petty issues. Any petty leader, easily can and does stop the running of trains for the whole day.

They rummage and bombard trains windows with stones at whims. The police force is just a silent spectator.

One never knows, what emergency patient is blocked in the jam. It’s high time real efforts were made to demarcate lines of limitations for any show of Anger, demands or power. The leader should be accountable and should have to accept moral responsibility over any mishap, that happens due to his show. He should be severely punished for any uneventful happening.

My mind delved into the recent judgment of hon’ble court, where it had laid responsibility of uneventful happening on both, the police and their leader. 
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I, as a citizen of India, wish to stress firmly, the need for civilized presentation, in a special secluded place, with utmost security to thwart any mishap. Until it is not possible, leaders should be made to avoid arrogant show of demands, and media too must behave.
The tea cup lay empty, staring at me.

I, heartily congratulate StayFree to have come up with such a novel idea of “Time to Change” concept. This pen down is due to the sole inspiration of their contest topic, at Indiblogger
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  1. abs. right.. the leader needs to have accountability of sorts..

  2. Thanks Kajal ji, for the real support to the tea cup changes. *overwhelmed*

  3. Fully agree. But practically who will implement? The leaders themselves?

  4. The Court and their carriers of orders via the Police. Stringent rules are necessary. I have seen death of near one, due to road blockade in patna,


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