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Today, I awoke in a great light mood, and all in the high spirits of early morning. For a change, today I am a little philosophical, like the Japanese zen saints. 

They take to making tea, a worship. I, entered the kitchen with a bow, and religiously, put up the water in kettle to boil. I sat in a zen posture, meditating on the sound of boiling water. In a trance, in real soaring spirits, am ready with the steaming hot cups of tea. I slowly, picked up my cup, meditatively to my lips, feeling the vigor and freshness merge with the inner soul.

 I am feeling all the zen saints, showering their blessings on my little religious tea making efforts. My mind took me, to the hill by the name of “Ta”,
Here, the great zen saint, sits in meditation, with resolve to not let the eye lids drop. Frustrated by eyelid drops, he plucks out the eyelids, and throws them away. Where, the eyelids had fallen, small plant germinated. This came to be known as tea, as it germinated at the hill of ‘Ta’. I let the feel of great saint wash and change my soul, with the fresh energies.

The power of change, filled my mind. The need for change, danced in front of me, and time to change too, courtesy stayFree, looked endearingly for a Samaritan to evolve, with the power to change.

I remembered the great lord Buddha, who had said “appa deepo Bhava”,  “ Be your own light”, and then wherever you go, change takes place. The famous story of Angulimaal, the dacoit, flashed in my head. Lord Buddha was going to pass through the jungle, terrorized by Angulimaal, where no man dared tread. They said, he had vowed to cut fingers of 1000 men, and wear the garland of cut fingers. His garland was short of one finger only, when Lord Buddha dared to enter the jungle calmly. 
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Angulimaal was so ferocious that his mother had run away, lest he would cut her finger and complete the garland of 1000 fingers. Angulimaal was sitting on a rock when he saw Lord Buddha approach towards him. Seeing Lord Buddha, first time in his mind seeds of pity germinated. He shouted at him loudly, “young man, run away for the life of you. Didn’t anyone warn you of my terror while entering the jungle.”
Lord Buddha calmly replied approaching towards him, “ I have come to complete your vow, Angulimaal, your wait is over.”
Angulimaal shouted at him, “stop still, over there, don’t you dare move”
Lord Buddha continued approaching towards him.
Angulimaal, “are you mad or what, I told you to stop.”
Lord Buddha, continuing his approach said, “ I am not moving, I am still, I stopped moving a long time ago, but I see you are moving”
Angulimaal burst out in ferocious laughter, “ I am sure now you are a mad man, no sane person would dare enter the jungle even. I am sitting still, and you say I am moving, and you are clearly moving towards me, unknown of death encircling you by every approaching step, say that you are still.”
Lord Buddha had come near him by now, said “ Angulimaal, I put forward my head before you to kill me and cut my finger and add it to your garland to complete your vow. But before that there is a small request, cut that leaf, from the branch of the tree.”
Angulimaal, had never in his life seen a dare like Lord Buddha. All his victims were running scared, crying and begging for mercy. This man stood before him, willing to throw away his life, and he was reluctant to kill him. No man had dared talk this much, with him. Laughing with a strong blow of sword many leaves fell down, at his feet.
Seeing this Lord Buddha told Angulimaal to now join them to the tree.
Angulimaal started laughing at him again, “ You are a perfect mad man, how on earth can they be joined.”
Lord Buddha replied clamly, “ What power do you have man, not able to join a broken simple leaf and if you cannot create, what right have you to destroy?”
Hearing this Angulimaal, was transformed. He fell at the feet of Lord Buddha and took initiation into the Bhikshu order.
Tea had become a little lukewarm. I took another sip, thinking deeply. Real change begins with change inside. World continues its pace and changes, I felt the utmost need for everyone to strive to become the change in themselves, to bring harmony in the world. But human nature, I mused, is to change others.
Finishing the tea, I put the empty cup, reflectively, It sure was ripe time to change.

I, heartily congratulate StayFree to have come up with such a novel idea of “Time to Change” concept. This pen down is due to the sole inspiration of their contest topic, at Indiblogger

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  1. I liked the way this post began and nice re-telling of the popular folk tale.

  2. Thanks tonns@ The Fool, I feel lucky to find an ardent sensitive reader like you. *overwhelmed*

  3. Wow, its been a long while since I heard bout the Anguliman story.. thanks for bringing it back to me, Pramodji...

    very interesting take on the contest.. All the best for it, Pramodji!! :)

  4. R-A-J, Thanks for the sincere comments.


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