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I had taken brief lessons of bike riding from Riders Edge.
image courtesy Riders Edge

I am very particular of my passion. I am lax on essential worldly duties, but when it comes to my passion, I am Mr. Perfect.
image courtesy Riders Edge
Just that I was at my enigmatic Harley’s disposal, I cared nuts of the world. The smell of the road running behind me, the trees swishing by, the birds flying, all had their envious eyes on me, or was it my dear Harley. I couldn’t help it. I was enjoying their envy. 

I just dreaded some envious chick in all leather, would turn up out of the blue skies, demanding a ride to the bar. I was firm, I would give a lift, only if she met the Harley standards. After all, I couldn’t be giving lift to any Tom and Harry on the road.
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Enjoying the gushing winds, My chubby Harley stopped at a spectacular spot, at a turn on the hilly road. 

The sun was about to set.
I parked my Harley at an open space by the side, to savor the scenic beauty of the moment. 

I was free, and the setting sun too, was wishing me the heartiest of wishes on my biking tryst.

Friends, stay put, to witness more trysts into wilderness, where Harley is taking me. My adventure has begun. Courtesy Castrol contest at indiblogger

p.s. This all saga is pure imagination. any resemblance to anyone is at his own risk. I am not accountable.

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  1. surely...yous adventure has just begun...

    I so much liking this concept :)

  2. Coming out great, PL. On the look out for the next part.


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