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My tryst with biking. 

I am attempting to pen, the desires that had been buried long ago in some remote corner of my heart.
The responsibilities, the burden of the family had long side tracked them into a burial ground, never to be ignited again.
Who knew the fate had it otherwise. I could never have dreamt of Madmeoselle Harley Davidson to be greeting me with her gorgeous glamour and smile bewitching.
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I, adorned in the full gear of Harleys, Helmet too, was tested to fit my head, and then taken, because, I knew very well the importance of fit in head of helmet to be effective. My wicked muse on traffic inspectors, checking the persons wearing helmet is misfit and then giving them tickets for a misfit helmet. Ninety percent bikers would be ticketed daily I mused.

I was all geared up to begin my great escape into the wilderness. Me, my leather and my Harley.
My heart beats in sync. With the sound of engine running.  Aimless my travails started, and I myself not knowing where I would land, or my purpose in life. Just wander away freely, wherever my charming Harley planned to take me. My full mind was at their complete disposal.

Friends, stay tuned, to witness the tryst into wilderness, where Harley is taking me. My adventure has begun.courtesy Castrol contest at indiblogger

p.s. This all saga is pure imagination. any resemblance to anyone is at his own risk. I am not accountable.

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