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My trance was broken by the voice of waiter putting water in the glass at the table, 

“What would you like to have sir”.

“One coke,” I said curtly, not wanting to miss the interesting conversation. 

Waiter tauntingly “Anything else with coke sir,” in a voice laden with smirk, on my not ordering any high spirits.

I didn’t want to spoil my mood with extra blabbering, so I just waved him away.

Captain continued, “Have you ever slept in your garage, for the fault of your bike.”

Fool, nodding with disbelief, “gosh, no dude.”

Captain with a sad tone, “ I had put a non branded mobile oil, in the bike, and bike had stopped midway on my return home. I had to drag the bitch all the way to my home, and lo, behold, all tired and exhausted I park the bloody bike in the garage, and next I find myself locked from outside. My beloved, thinking I had some booze, had punished my very soul.”

Fool approvingly, “I understand the trauma, and the mosquitos………”

Captain cutting him short, “don’t remind me of the mosquitos dude. since then I am always particular not to be careless of my bike’s day to day needs. When I can afford mineral water to drink, my bike too should get Castrol. ”

Fool nodding “right bro. saving little, costs more in the long run.”

This reminded me of my dear Harley waiting impatiently outside for me to return.

I had heard a lot of Captain as a great skilled biker and I was dying to have an interview session on biking.

Waiter brought my coke, taking sips I was planning to begin my intro session.

Friends, stay put, to witness more trysts into wilderness, where Harley is taking me. My adventure has begun. Courtesy Castrol contest at indiblogger

p.s. This all saga is pure imagination. any resemblance to anyone is at his own risk. I am not accountable.

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  1. Interesting :)

    All the best fr the contest, Pramodji :)

  2. Just wish my beloved does not know that I narrated all this to TF in The Hell Nation. Great one P, thoroughly loved it

  3. Ha ha ha. The story is moving cool, PL.

  4. Thanks Raj.

    Thanks captain for the thumbs up.

    Thanks Fool for the motivation,


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