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  Thanks Doc. Anunoy da, For adorning me with Leibster blog Award. 

  Here are ‘not so humble’ set of rules for this award (read and stick to it if you don’t want to           

  be counted as black sheep):-
-     Jot down 11 things about yourself (Is honesty the best policy eh…?)
-     Answer 11 questions set by your gracious nominator (for Saturn’s sake, don’t shout back at me   “Why the hell did you nominate me freak?”)
-     Nominate 11 deserving bloggers for spreading this love and encouragement (Don’t be mean to 
      think yourself a scapegoat)
-     Now it’s your turn to set 11 questions for them (Sky cleared out a bit by now right…?)
-     Inform them of all these by e-mailing, fb-walling, twittering or commenting on their blog post
       (Anything you do, don’t forget to maintain the air of love. Off course it doesn’t mean you’ve to 
       leave a note “P.S.- I Love You” to your nominees’ inboxes.)

    11 things about Me:-      
         My name Pramod means ‘enjoyment’. 

-        I am lazy.

-        I can sleep like kunbakarna for months at a stretch (joking)

-        I like eating delicious food.

-        I am kind hearted (may be not joking)

-        I like comic books, and all sorts of books (precise term: book worm)

-        I lam imaginative with rubbish ideas.

-        I like old melodious songs.

-        I love my family beyond imagination.
          I am a thinker

           I like to play table tennis 
    Now answer to 11 questions set by Dr Anunoy Da:

       What has been your more satisfying experience- with your desktop or laptop?
       screen of my laptop flickers and when I catch it with my one hand, it stops flickering. It gives a     
       sense of purpose.  

2     Are you fond of train journey or flight? Reason for your choice?

       Train: I am afraid of heights.

        Which is your dream travel destination? And which one is your favourite one?

        Mansarovar ( was gonna say Lasvegas ) Bloomington

4      Mention 3 of your qualities which you want to pass on to your offspring.

        God Knows answer to this.
5      What is the most violent incidence you’ve faced till date?

       I had slept with charcoal sigri in december 1995 in nainital, hotel with my 7 year old son. Was
       on verge of death in morning with carboxyganation.( I vaguely knew of this term) I tried to get 
       up but fell down from bed with loss of energy. I gathered all strength and opened the gate of        
       room and fell down. Renewed with fresh air, I shouted for manager. That was a tryst with death
       I suppose.
6     Have you ever felt “I’m the king of the World”? If yes, when?


7     characteristic features/behaviours in people those piss you off?

       when you think with heart and people try to put hard facts to point their case.
8      What is your dream job?

        No Job
9       Do you ever dream of a world where there is no demarcation by countries and all are free to  
         roam about anywhere without slightest hindrance and hatred?


          At which age you had your first pornographic acquaintance?


        Did you feel good to be nominated or took it as a headache? I swear I won’t mind your 
           honest reply.

            I felt good and sincerely hope the one's I am gonna nominate will not curse me.

        My 11 Nominees:

1)    Snuffles Jay: 

4)   Ranjith

5)   Animesh

6)   Hemal

8)   Mixi

10)  Rayla Noel

       My 11 Question for my nominated bloggers: All answers to be given in one word only.

1          Favorite dish 

2          Best friend

3          Best enemy

4          best blog

5          worst blog

6          best politician

7          worst politician

8          best hotel

9          worst hotel

1          best book

1          worst book 

  I hope i have done justice with myself.

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  1. Well done Sir....

    My expectations were well aired I must confess...

    Cheers to your sportsmanship...

    (PS: I think it'll be nice to hyperlink the names of people you've used in your post with their blog, I mean if someone clicks the blogger's name he should be able to reach to his/her blog)

    and thanks.... :)

  2. yo doc. i am giving links. post is being conceived still

  3. Congratulations on your Liebster and thank you so much for nominating me. It is quite an honour for me. My fellow nominees are bloggers who I follow regularly, so it is a privilege to be nominated alongside them.

    Wish you many many more awards to come, Rio!

    1. Thanks mixi, honored I am by your acceptance. One award is enuf for me I suppose.

  4. thank you for the honours..its my 4th one :) already elated..


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