Posted by : RioZee Friday, December 6, 2013

I, as friends are getting to know me now, to be  the power of Youth, and how much concerned I was to unite this power to #VoteForIndia with eyes wide open, in the upcoming general elections in 2014.

A superb slogan too had been born, #VoteForIndia, and a small but firm beginning had been made. 

My mind was racing against time to devise ways, see each and every youth equipped with the Slogan #VoteForIndia, handy with WeChat app. The task was a real herculean one and time was fast ticking. 

I called upon my trusted Youth friends to start the campaign, with forming a chain link. Each had to rope in ten Youth, and those ten would have to rope in ten youth each, and then again all those tens would carry on the process of link chain of #VoteForIndia. This link chain would engulf the whole Indian youth with one motto #VoteForIndia.

The chain was growing at an alarmingly fast rate, and I was quite happy with the progress acheived uptill now, and with strong hopes towards the building of our nation, I was readt to call it a day, and retire to sleep.

Another new day would surface, with new upcoming challenges, and I knew I had to keep myself fit, and good proper sleep was just the thing I needed at this moment, to energize my mind to face the challenging task that lay ahead.

With all the well wishes I could muster, I gave myself to the sleep goddess.

Another new day beckoned.

This has been inspired by a contest at Indiblogger for WeChat. Here is the link, friends,

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