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"Ahh, what an ignorant nut I was?" Continued Sukar da with remorse. My son was getting married and I should have invited my daughter at least, but no, I had become a stone hearted being, by then. I just searched opportunities to down you and my daughter. 

You were such a nice person at heart. You had tried to explain reason to me to call up my daughter for her dear brother's wedding, as she was his only sister, but I was so much filled with hatred and saw myself doing a great godly cause by keeping the society clean and teaching a wrongdoer a lesson. How wrong was I? 

You had brought her to the wedding, in spite of my repeated threats, but the hatred in me didn't budge an inch. My daughter went crying back. When I remember the scene my head begins to spin like a top. I should have died a lot earlier, but god wants me to feel the pangs of my misdeeds and my life has been a living hell.

My friends may be thinking how much more they have to tolerate, but soon friends, very soon. After listening to all this, I surely feel the Five lac rupees mystery is laced with some disaster. But what? I was very much curious as much as you are my friends.

With a thumping heart I threw the question at last, "Sukar da, the five lac.rupees.....,

Sukar da writhed in agony and shaking, caught my hand that held the sword and forcefully tried to slit his neck, "why have you kept me alive this long. You take your revenge."

I just wasn't getting the clouds of mystery cleared. 

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  1. Had a wonder read on ur post :)

    1. Thanks tonns Remya,it is indeed inspring to write more.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks tonns Kiran, very encouraging it is, indeed.

  3. Okay, now got this part through your Blog! The link for your Part-5 IndiBlogger says- Page doesn't exist....


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