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Before I could say something, Sukar da, started his rhetoric.
I always looked for an opportunity for a revenge but my little mind never thought that my beloved daughter was at your home now. I came to know you wanted 5 lac rupees for something very important. I connived to see that you couldn't get the money from the market. I was very much pleased to see you at my doorstep. I took it as an opportunity to exploit the God given opportunity. I did not take the courtesy to ask even, why you needed the money. I arranged the money for you but you had to mortgage your house to me. I have no words for all my misdeeds. 

I found you outside the hospital near the tea shop walking hastily that I interrupted you, saying this unable to contain himself Sukar da burst out into crying hysterics. 

I was perplexed. What more was he going to disclose. This was happening worse than the films could portray. 

My daughter died that day during the major operation, and you too couldn't bear the shock and alas, there lay two dead bodies for me to carry upon my shoulders. 

Saying these words Sukar da started crying profusely. 
That very moment my dear wife had woken me up and instantly I had started jotting it down on paper. Having written down the full dream word by word, I called upon my darling wife. "Gorma gorom cha aano, chandrbhaga, tumake aajke aami nijer haathe cha khawabo."
(Bring hot hot tea, chandrabhaga , today you will be drinking tea from my very own hands.)

Then we both will be going to visit house no. 157 at haathi bagan today itself.


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  1. Very interesting,a lot of suspense .But i have a question--how did she respond to the name Chndrabhaga?

    1. Thanks Indu ji, for such wonderful comments. She likes to be called by unique names and I have to get some antique photo made silently and hung up at house 157, so she will be sure. :)

  2. Got a little confused with the last 2 parts about which one is dream and which is reality. Need to go through all the parts again. But one thing, you are too good in carrying a suspense. And splitting them up instead of creating a single post added to the suspense. Try for a thriller fiction. You will sell well :)

    1. Thanks, pagesfromserendipity
      Whole story is a recitation of dream,

  3. Liked you story, Rio :)
    Couldn't read Part-5 as the link from IB gave error...

    1. Thanks tonns Anita, may be there is some bug on indi link.


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