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This tale is a long one friends, and there isn't any option but to let it comeup in parts. I will be trying my level best to concise it as much I can within the scope of my limited word bank.

I was in samadhi, and my mind could see each and every living being embracing death. None could escape the poison in the air. I knew it will take atleast one month for the energies of the sun to make the air free of the nasty poison. I lay still, breathing nothing, all controlled in equillibrium state.

In no time one month had elapsed and I slowly opened my eyes and inhaled the fresh soothing air into the lungs, activating the idle organs of the body, all rejuvenated by the rest.

I was the last survivor, and only if I could find one eve, I could be the originator of another era. But, how, and where, these questions ran amock  in my mind.

Then thoughts reverted on to food. Stomac had sent in distress signals to the brain to pacify itself. But my mind was busy on the thoughts of starting a new world. Stomac succeeded in diverting the attention of mind on to itself. I got up and cautiously started on my search for operation "feeding the stomac". I knew the food too may be poisoned due to the air and I had to devise proper method to clear it from the poison before it's lodging into the tummy. I told my mind not to disturb me with the unnecessary tantrums of intestines, as it may take days in the process.

Tongue too had started signalling need for water. 

I slowly walked towards the market to look for bottled water. I was unsure of edibility of open water. The mind all jumbled up on string of multitude of thoughts. The road ahead was full of new tests and retests. I was witnessing this in person and I was determined to find ways. If I could survive the ultimate holocaust, I could survive further, only if I didn't do any silly mistake.

My mind took a jolt as I reached the market. The silence of the market was deafening. There was a time when the heavy clitter clatter of market deafened the mind. I had never thought silence too could have  worse deafening impact up on the mind.

Suddenly my mind took a jolt and stood still, completely mesmerized...,

To be continued...,

This has been inspired by a topic at indispire, 

How would you survive if you are the last person in the world ?


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