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I remember my grandmother very well, though I lost her at a tender age, but as I remember the immense love and care she bestowed upon me, tears well up in my eyes. She fought vehemently with my mother if she scolded me slightly even, and I always took refuge in my caring old granny on troubling issues. 

One such occasion I remember I was very disturbed. My ball was missing and I couldn't find it anywhere. This was a new ball I had purchased just a day ago and I searched everywhere for it and couldn't find it. I knew asking my dad for money for new ball was no use. I asked granny what should I do and granny said have faith in God, and sit down in prayer hall silently, reciting his name in your mind, and when you receive an inspiration as to where to look for your ball, get up and search there. I had full faith in my granny so I went in the prayer hall and sat down with closed eyes and started reciting god's name in my mind. After some recitations, it suddenly dawned upon me to search at the northern most corner on the roof of my house.

I got up and headed straight to the roof towards the area I had the intuition. There lay my ball beckoning me. Since then my faith in the name of god took a deep root in my heart and though my granny is no more, I always remember her golden words. 

This has been inspired by a topic at indispire, by Saket,  Describe how a story told by your granny influenced your life#the story, 

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