Posted by : RioZee Tuesday, March 18, 2014

M iraculous
Y outhful

D istractive
R eflective
E verpresent
A mple
M odest

L avish
I mpressive
B eautiful
R avishing
A ttractive
R adiant
Y appy

I hope I have done justice to my library by coining these attributes to it. Many attributes I missed, friends can add them for me by commenting lavishly. A library is a world in itself, and with the advent of latest gadgets, a whole library can be carried on an electronic device, but I like the old way, flipping pages, slowly digesting the words in the mind, because I am a born bookworm.

This post is inspired by topic at indiblogger, 

What would your dream library look like?#dreamlibrary

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  1. Hey! Nice and concise post. But yappy? o.O

    1. Thanks Rachaita, one snappy aspect is also needed.

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