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Mind just clung to the sight. The Gold shop was open with no owner and all the precious jewellary danced before my eyes. I knew they were of no value now. Only Water, Food, and fresh air were the need of the hour.

I looked over at the grocery store to see if something was there. I knew very well I had to keep myself on the move, with plenty of water. I saw a carton full of bottled water and I opened up one bottle and put just a drop of it on my tongue to get the feel of it. It tasted good, so one full bottle went in, in a single gulp. Then I ventured further and seeing some nicely packed biscuits, I didn't hesitate in trying one. It tasted great. I knew now all packed goods could be had now. Seeing my stomac eyeing the cadbury chocolate bar, and craving for it, I let it satisfy itself merrily. 

Having had my fill, I sat down in meditation. I had to still the mind and carefully decide on my course of action. The conveyance, the destination, the food, water, etc. etc.

Destination was decided: LasVegas,

Conveyance mode: to look for airplane, check fuel, fly away.

Food and water, as much I could carry.

I got up and looked for some stray truck and finding one, just hopped in like Rambo, and rode off. 

I knew if I had to start a new era I had to reach Lasvegas as fast as I could, because that was the only place where I could find the eve. If one would have survived the holocaust. 

In no time I reached the airport, and seeing the  empty lobby, I left the truck and moved hurriedly towards the aeroplanes. I had no restictions, and the sky, the earth, all were mine. I was sole owner left. Nobody could give me speeding tickets, and seeing a nice plane, I wasted no time starting the engine and skiing off the runway. Catching on to speed I pulled the lever and now I was airborne. 

I was flying westwards and the sky was fully empty with no congestion in the sky. I was the sole flyer. Leaving the plane in auto pilot mode for a while, and dozed off while flying. I badly needed some sleep. After some hours I woke up all refreshed. Another five hours were to go for me to reach my destination.

Friends may be thinking "How  much more can we take". Well, I will try to be more concise and reach Lasvegas faster. Here I was, in Lasvegas streets searching frantically for just one female survivor who could partner with me to start a new era on earth, "The Rio Era" and an amazing incident happened....,

No friends, I will not carry this to the third part. I found the stunning gal basking in the sun, a little worried and the joy we both had seeing each other is just beyond any words. 

The Rio Era had begun...,

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  1. Superb! A mouthwatering start to the post and a mouthwatering end too! Loved the way you titiliated the senses, first with biscuits and chocolates and at last with the sunbathing gal at Las Vegas! Aaw!


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