Posted by : RioZee Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ten things I hate being asked are included in one question. "Why aren't you replying to me." Why are you not listening to me." When this question crops up and it does quite more than often, because my mind is trying to evade that question but the answer seeker being my better half, is hell bent to sabotage the decorum in my mind. Nothing else I hate and everything is entailed in it. Otherwise I love questions and to answer them even sincerely with my full heart. I know and answer cleverly when I hear two people talking, where one poor invester is concerned after depositing money in some instrument in a private company and the agent who has taken the deposit assuring him that nothing will happen though his boss has been jailed and may not be able to garner 10k crores to come out of jail and I enjoy chipping in and giving the answer though they both may be hating my answer. But nonetheless I enjoy giving answers.

I think I have made myself clear.

This has been inspired by a topic at indispire by Narasimha Sharma Vetturi, ten things I hate being asked.

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  1. You certainly made yourself clear. :) Lovely post!

  2. Heheee I've been closely observing your updates since last few days Dada :-P


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