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Times were fast changing. Population increasing by leaps and bounds was one very crucial factor why senators sat at these wee hours to decide upon a very serious issue facing the nation. These intelligent souls could only save the nation. They had full mandate of people and if they even failed, who could save them. All systems of transportation had failed. They had all the public transport system running so deadly packed that even ants shuddered at getting into the compartments. 

Let me give you the names of our learned comrades present. 
1) Mr.Gowkoowon,

2) Mr. Slectodas,

3) Mr. Rotricures,

4) Mrs. Sowteriani,

5) Miss. Pranitarthita.

Mr. Gowkoowon was elected to preside over the meeting and he began the address clearing his throat.

"Dear Fellow members,
As we are all aware, whatever we build gets smaller for the purpose as the population is increasing at a lot more faster pace than our building of things. We had the vision to legalize the sitting on roof tops of trains and buses. The only small place left below them too had been altered cleverly with iron handles which our tough bodybuilders could catch hold of in sleeping posture and travel to their desired destinations

We are all gathered here today not for these issues, because we already have a comittee searching for answers under the head of one of our very own illustrous qualified member, Mrs. Sowteriani, and no doubt she is doing a commendable job. I must remind you all that utilization of space under the train compartments was her idea only that  now the multifarious task of commuting as well as bodybuilding is being achieved.

We have been confronted with another alarming issue that has been neglected by us and we do not have any comittee for it as yet. "FOUL SMELL" . 

Yes, smell is a serious concern because it has been pointed out by none other, our very own member, miss.Pranitarthita ji. She has brought our attention to this growing menace as her own boyfriend who had commuted from Virar junction via the bodybuilding module under the train, was smelling awfully with prespiration and though she had yearned to be in his arms, she had to just mutter some expletives and leave, breaking up from him. 

I see Mr. Selectodas raising his hand to speak his mind. I will give the opportunity, but let me finish first. I know what you want to say sir, because I have seen you to be on a disagreement on each and every proposal of her. God knows if she proposes to you, you will disagree to that even. I urge to put personal malices aside and do form a comittee under the tagline "Remove The Smell" under the able head of none other our miss Pranitarthita ji. Now I will ask miss Pranitarthita ji to enlighten us on her findings."

Miss Pranitarthita took out a fat file and opening it began reading from it. She started undeterred by the murmurings of Mr. Selectodas, "will she recite the full bloody file now., I am doomed"

She began, "I broke up, yes!!!, you all heard me correctly, and the reason behind this was just foul irritating smell. The severity of this issue can be seen in the fact that my boyfriend has not eaten a morsel since our break up and has threatened self immolation infront of our very parliament. We have reached a sad state where people are condemned, for smelling. Can we not find a permanent solution to this menace. A company had launched a cream to administer upon body and travel. This cream proved to be a farce, as we all saw. Nothing could match a hot refreshing bath. I had a talk with Mr. Rotricures and he suggested Racold Bath Points at every 100 meters across nation. He has been generous enough to offer a fund of one billion from his National Reahabilation Fund for this great auspicious cause.

Everyone found the opportunity of closing the tenuous speech by immediately starting the thumping upon table by hand and Mr. Rotricures beaming in the pride of utilizing Government money on the right track. 

Having served it's purpose the meeting was adjourned for the day and Miss.Pranitarthita closed the file and all our brave comrades left with utter satisfaction upon their faces.

This post has been inspired by a contest at indiblogger by Racold.

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  1. That was indeed imaginative, Rio. Best of luck for the contest.

  2. A very interesting way to put it. Great effort, Rio. All the best for the contest.

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