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Great topic at Indiblogger, Indispire by Anita and I am penning my humble thoughts for my readers.

Topic is related to inner beauty versus physical beauty and the worth of bank balance etc.

This reminded me of the great indian sage Sri Ashtavakra ji. His body was deformed and crooked in eight points and that also due to his own father's curse upon him. It is said this sage when unborn in mother's womb, heard of recitals of mantras by his father were incorrect, so Sri Ashtavakra ji hearing this from womb tried to correct him by saying them to be wrong, and he should recite differently. Infuriated by being guided by his own child, who hadn't seen the world yet, cast the curse upon him "Ashtavakra Bhava."

Learned as he was, he wasn't angry upon his father for the curse. He took it head on. I have heard of instances in western countries where child has sued their parents for minor corrective spankings. They know their rights very well.

When Sri Ashtavakra ji was 10 Years old, upon hearing of his father loosing a debate upon religion, held at king Janak's place, he went thinking to support and win the debate.

When he reached the Kings courtyard, all the highly ranked officers started laughing seeing the crooked deformed body of Sri Astavakra ji, and the king Janak too laughed seeing him.

Sri Astavakra ji unperturbed, thundered that this was no congregation to seek truth that he thought and came for.

"I have no time to waste here between the CHAMARS (shoe menders). "

Hearing his words all the laughter was gone and there was pin drop silence in the court. This child had the nerve to call all high noble men demeaningly, and all the more the king even was not spared.

The king in anger ordered the child to prove his statement or face a death sentence.

Sri Ashtavakra ji, coolly said, "As soon as I arrived I had not said a word and everyone judged me by my skin quality and started laughing. This quality of skin judgement is done by shoe menders only as they deal with it on daily basis. You too laughed king Janka, so you too have the same quality."

Hearing his bold words the king was dumbfounded. He left his chair and came up to him. He understood his grave mistake and fell upon his feet seeking guidance on the ultimate knowledge."

I say this here as his knowledge out shined all wealth and even king fell upon the feet of knowledge.

Now a days we never hear of any debates upon religion. We are happy preserving past rituals and following them, not knowing any word of sanskrit but reciting them like heck over the loudspeakers, as if higher the pitch, more fast it will reach the gods.

My view is that ultimate knowledge has its own powers and the kings have to bow down to them. Every human is free and can achieve it for sure, no matter who. We should read and read and digest by common sense and move along in our goals.

Worldly life needs most of the requisites mentioned in the topic but one can rise above them as he moves on.


P.S. This post is inspired by a topic at indiblogger's Indispire posted by Anita.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your wise words, 'humble thoughts' & such an inspiring story.
    I had read about Sri Ashtavakra ji earlier. Wish people are NOT judged for their skin-colour or looks.
    You have rightly shared that true knowledge conquers all & even the kings bow down.
    Cheers :)
    Happy Dussehra to you & your family!

  2. oh wow , you have such a nice take on the topic,I liked it.


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