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Great topic at Indispire again. This time by Saima

This topic turned my mind to the old golden period of India that I had read about in books here and there. Those were the days my friends, where a system of Guru, who had withdrawn from all worldly monetary gains, opened up a learning school in the vicinity of the jungle, where students stayed and learnt the lessons. These lessons were multifarious with grammar studies to intricate calculations, science and spiritualism. These were no profit organisations but now a days education is a happening place of exploitation and raking money, barring some. 

I remember an incident where graduate students were given permission to leave their gurukul and as the students headed hastily towards the town as evening approached. They came across thorns on the road. Students passed the road carefully from side but one student stopped to sweep the thorns from the road. Guru who was hiding behind a tree came out and caught hold of students who had side tracked the thorns. He said those students have to study more while the student who had thought for passers by at night and swiped the thorns from the road was only allowed to go. 

It is a pity that education system is full of political dominance and misuse at their whims. 

I remember a shloka of olden times, "sa vidyaya vimuktaye" meaning literally "knowledge is that which liberates." It liberates the soul. It is not to just earn a livelihood but a greater tool of liberation. 

I have so much to say on this, but I do not want my friends to curse me. 

I drop my pen here with a sincere wish to educate all children in the world and with innovative technology this can be done, free even, but alas, !!!

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  1. Such a nice incident with the hiding Guru as judge...
    Wish we have such worldly-wise & future-ready teaching. Education will be worthwhile.
    Noble thought. May all kids & everyone be educated. India & world will progress.

    1. Thanks Anita, i am privileged to have a great versatile reader like you.


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