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The scent elated me and in no time I was standing before the imminent personality of the glorious past. None other friends, Chanakya, seated elegantly with a saintly composure. I bowed to him and he looked at me as if he had read my mind point blank, congratulating me on my journey he expressly conveyed of how pleased he was to see a person here with potential of returning back in to the body. He expressly said of how he too had dared to leave his body in his life time and return back. The world is for the people who dare he said enigmatically. His words were illuminating as well as frightening. I had done this act just out of curiosity and traces of foolishness, if I was correct. Dare element was nowhere in sight then, and now my mind was thinking of passage safely back in to the body. The smile he gave now was all the more disturbing as I knew he could read my mind perfectly. You have drifted a little farther Son, in your adventurous quest and I can only pray of your safe travel back. This consoled a bit, but signalled the impounding perils that lay ahead of me. 

Chanakya continued his quipping knowing my restlessness to return. Ohh gosh, how much I yearned in mind that this person says, "son, I will come with you all the way to see your safe return." But instead the words that came were more frightening. " we have limitations son, and I can only wish you get your place back in your body, and I have so much to say to the people on earth but I will not delay you, knowing what your dear ones could do to your body."

Bowing earnestly I took leave of the revered kind person with only one thought in mind. 

I do not wish to keep all of you in suspense and drag my return with some created horrors of return. They were just waiting to encapsulate my self and a point came where my self was stuck by some force and couldn't descend no matter how hard I tried. I cursed my curiosity and foolishness and lost all hopes of seeing myself in my body. Suddenly thought of Chanakya emerged in my mind and his words Dare renewed my vigour and this time I really dared and forced my way through it's clutches back to my body. It was a hell of an experience. 

I know the way now, but I really don't know the way, meaning, I keep away from the foolishness but Dare, yes, I learnt Dare and the perils of Dare. 

But one day I will surely Dare this time, with firm mind and bring back some enlightening precious words. Words which indeed would be priceless for humanity.

P.S.: this post is the concluding part of the indispire topic of Nandini Deka at indiblogger.

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