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The Creme' Unnaturale'

Hey, "I thought you would be taking another hour to be fully ready, so I started reading a book to pass time, and now you say you are ready to go to the wedding venue," I blurted with disbelief.

My dear wife, beaming with pride, "I am afraid now your leisure reading time has gone down the drain, thanks to the new, innovative Garnier bb cream you bought for me."

I was speechless. This was totally unexpected of her. I had never bought anything for which she found words of praises, and now this was really something of mettle. I looked at her face judiciously and found it perfectly up to the mark. I looked at my book with a pity, as I lay it slowly on the rack. 

My mind musing to itself, "Where were we heading in this innovative competitive world. What magical preparations were being put on platter for mankind. There were no limits. How this creme worked so fast on the skin cells and rejuvenated them."

I didn't want to go into the intricate details of the ingredients or how they  worked upon the skin. Though my book had been sacrificed for it, I was just relieved that I wouldn't be sent looking for a variety of cremes with obnoxious names to different stores. 

The desire to look beautiful lay inherent in every mortal, my mind enthused, barring some careless ones like me. The reliance on creams to look beautiful had led to the industry to grow leap and bounds with rigorous tests of different formulations before they were finally applied on faces of people. Some reputed brands really worked hard sincerely for the benefit of mankind. This latest one really had hit the nail with faster results on platter. 

I just thanked the Garnier company from heart for coming up with the great formulation in the name of Garnier bb

This post is review of Garnier bb creme offered at Indiblogger.

The picture below is courtesy from indiblogger page reformed.

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  1. Heheeeee I am not sure whether the company will be willing to give you a jumbo gadget for this... but again, this' coming from someone who never won a contest, so you have reasons to relax ;-)
    "thanks to the new, innovative Garnier bb cream you bought for me"---------- LOL
    I guess you need a small edit, your garnier link is not clickable, correct it if it wasn't intentional :-))
    BTW Sirji new template looks very pro, much contrary to your old dull one!

    1. Anunoy, actually i posted via mobile so could't add link. Thanks for the pointer, to keep the hopes alive to meet Madameoiselle Deepika, I hastily marched to the cyber cafe to add link.

    2. Although I believe the former, later part, i.e. "to meet..." is slightly difficult to... well, enjoy :-P

    3. I know, I know, bro. Anunoy, I know your feelings for her, but you can do nothing. It's her sheer bad luck after all, that's all, to say.

    4. OK I'll buy your fellow feeling this time [Hug].............


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