Posted by : RioZee Saturday, October 25, 2014

A few days without gadget is a task in itself. I remember once I missed my smartphone and started on a journey. I returned after travelling miles to get my device. 

It is easy to ask for such tasks but my opinion is that there is no addiction more severe than the infatuation of gadgets. People may dream of such stages or give religious koans for salvation etc. etc. but I cannot see myself without them . I may not be using them for hours at a stretch but the confidence that they are there within my reach with wifi connectivity gives peace to the heart. 

I cannot say that I will die without my gadgets but will be practically dead for sure like the learned man from mighty Bengal, who when inquired by a press reporter of his current purchase of fish which were being advertised by government to be laced with disease and fatal for consumption, had replied witfully, "naa khele emni more jaabo," (without eating fish he would die none the less,) so he knowingly bought the fish and risked the chances of living.

God knows what I am blabbering but my friends who know me, know me well.

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