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We worship God as we are conditioned to do so since childhood by our parents. The seeds were sown and very rarely people rebel. Many rebel and stop worshipping God when some work they entrusted God to do and is not done. In resentment they shun him. Some are lucky enough to get their work done and they keep on worshipping. 

People are ready to lay their live for godly causes. Some are liberal, some staunch, some making money in the name of God, some selling God, some buying God, etc.etc.

 God is getting fed up, i know you all are eager to know why, stay tuned for next post, which will come up only if this post receives comments. 

I am waiting....,
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Why do we worship god? Share your reasons for worshipping gods#FaithvsFear
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  1. Hmm... commenting for 2 reasons:-
    1) To bring some comic elements in the subsequent post (Opportunistic thought)
    2) To make you toil (Sadist thought)


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