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 I had expected of my mind to come up with a great absorbing writeup for Lufthansa offering at indiblogger within the time frame and notch up the top prize. Time ran out faster and mind as lazy as it was and more Indian in every sense that it kept postponing until the last minute. 

My more Indian heart somehow started the mind to come up with a writeup fast convincing it to write whatever and it wouldn't be disappointed if it couldn't be a winning one. Seeing this my mind started upon the crusade Lufthansa.

My mind being more of an Indian always went for best lowest offers while buying anything and had bought the cheapest possible tickets  to London adding coupon codes etc. to full throttle. It hadn't thought of a layover of 12 hours at Riyadh airport. It was overjoyed to have saved 20k rupees and what was time in front of 20k. It could be killed eating nuts it thought. Being Indian I had ordered asian vegetarian meal before hand so that I would not have trouble on board. 

I had settled in my seat and flight took off graciously. I started surfing the television screen but most channels were arabic and surfing was slow and hanging. Suddenly a lady at back seat fainted with her child crying heavily and soon announcement call of any Dr. overboard was made by flight captain and my heart started praying for the poor soul. Her blood pressure had gone down drastically. Luckily she survived. The food that I received was not my ordered one and I demanded my order and they somehow managed something mix and match just to scrape through. 

The layover was strenuous one and passing each second was like an eternity. The savings of 20k were looking futile now with no place to lie down. Chairs were made in such a way that one could just sit straight. 

At Ryadh airport I was saved a hassle as I asked a man the way to the connecting flight area and he mischievously told me the wrong way. I saw it led out and as I didn't have a visa of that country I could have landed in a lot of trouble in a foreign land. I asked another man and he guided me properly. 

I had learnt a lesson the hard way. On return the airline counter staff advised me not to take any liquor or it will be confiscated at Ryadh airport. I blessed myself for non-drinking. 

Later when I heard from my son the great food they served at Lufthansa and how they tirelessly attended his calls and served beverages, I started thinking to make better decisions next time.

This has been written for a contest at indiblogger by Lufthansa

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  1. Hey great write-up man, so simple and lucid. loved it. I am going to read ur articles henceforth :) do read my articles as well :) mutual admiration club :).

  2. Saudi is a tough spot to transit through. :) Best of luck with the contest


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