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This is a dream shown to us by none other, our great Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji. We are used to the filthy smell around us and now a clean smut free  surroundings look impossible as #MontuKevalBolega, #MontuKachraRoadPePhenkega, #MontuKabSudhrega.

Yes, this is our plight. We cherish clean surrounding but we keep on feeding rubbish in it. "Hum nahi sudhrenge". 

This mission of Swachh Bharat can be a reality only if each one of us start acting instead of speaking. Each locality has it's curse to cope with. Local dumps carried on the roads as usual. Bold steps with bold determination are the need of the hour. Since this mission has begun with our prime minister catching the broom to clean the filth, each one of us should catch the broom too clean our surroundings. When we will get to the habit of doing this ourselves, then only the mission of Swachh Bharat can be a reality. This act has to go viral. Hash tag now would be #AbMontuSaafKarega. #SaaraBharatSaafKarega. 

Each locality volunteers all over India should be tapped and given the target of monitoring their surrounding small area and keep it spic clean. Their motivating factor would lie in the sudden recognition of their good deeds being caught on camera by media and a suitable reward of simple dinner with their favourite film stars. Once some rewards start flashing by the media, more and more people will get motivated to keep locality clean. We have to put our ego in the dust bin, where it belongs and start up on the mission Swacch Bharat. I, just an ordinary layman, was really awed to see real great icons like  Amitabh Bacchan, Anil Ambani, Sachin Tendulkar, etc. etc. catching the broom and sweeping the streets. What a benevolent act. Now if the enthusiasm dies out, their efforts would all go down the drain. The approach of media at this juncture should be to keep the flame alive and burning. The path is enormous and full of bleak hurdles. I dread this mission would face an untimely death by our own very hands if we do not wake up to the call. A start has been made and now it is for "US" to see it through to the end. 
#WeWillWeWillCleanIt. Yes, you all heard correctly. No matter how much you mess, #WeWillSurelyCleanIt.

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