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I have in my long span of life travelled a lot. I was a witness to many incidents with families  traveling in the same compartment with me. Sometimes a healthy child chirping hither and thither made the journey lively, full of zest. Sometimes weak frail ones crying their lungs out making every second pass like an eternity. These incidents inculcated in me the value of health and I made every effort to develop cleanliness in my surroundings so that my little children didn't suffer illness. I knew importance of body immunity so sought advice of learned Doctors for best medicinal preparation to strengthen immune system according to them. They stressed to opt for an ayurvedic preparation called zandu chyavenprash and I amply heeded their advice. I always stocked this miraculous preparation at home for the health of my children. I was so happy to see positive results in my family that I started praising of it wherever I found the opportunity to do so for the benefit of people.

I recall an incident in train where a child was happily chirping and drinking water by herself from the water bottle and environment was very soothing. Suddenly with a thud her mother slapped the child and the child started crying profusely. I was dumbfounded. The environmental scene had turned tense and I was searching for words to start a conversation with the Iron Lady. Her husband sat there like nothing happened. The lady herself commented "she was drinking so much water, who would take her to bathroom every hour in train."

I knew now the plight of poor child. She couldn't quench her thirst for her mother's whims. The thundering slap echoed in my ears. I could do nothing but pity their fate. How the hell could I drive the fact of drinking a lot water releasing the toxins in the body, let alone the uses of Zandu chyavanprash

It is a great irony that we all wake up after the disease encapsulates the body. We never care much for maintaining health conscious habits which prevent the disease to make home in our body. In olden days the ancient sages had researched to give mankind the ways to prepare herbs in such a mixture that it built up the body resistance power to diseases. A healthy child makes a happy home. We all love bubbly happy child. Whole house gets disturbed when our child suffers some illness. Question is why to suffer when we could have averted the disease in the first place. We all learn by our mistakes and sometimes we just carry on with life taking it to be a destiny but there is a saying, "whenever we awaken, morning occurs then only." So dear friends awaken yourselves before it is too late. 

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  1. Hahaaa... we try to be in control without trying it on ourselves :-D

  2. True bro. Thanks for the support.


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