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An idea dies with the person if it doesn't find ground for germination. He may have communicated of it to his friends but none believe in it and it dies out. Now he has written about it somewhere and is found by someone who believes in it to be a great one and progresses to acheive success. 

Ink power creates, and has been vital in major catastrophic changes. People in olden days used leaves and wrote on them. They understood  the importance of penning. 

Who am I to deviate from it. 

I am grateful for this topic at indiblogger, "Is there power in writing? Can writers bring social change & change the world? #Writing
Posted by AMRITA SABAT. which rekindled my instincts and my pen has started rolling in the direction of writing a book for mankind.


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  1. Hello Rio,

    Bloggers and writers can bring the social change and they can change the world definitely. But they should do it together. Because they need support to spread the writings. Unity has a great power.

    Dr. Diana


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