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Mood was totally not supporting the flow of thoughts. By this time I could have concluded a blogpost but the start was not even getting off the mark. I thought it better to chit chat a little at indi talk to sharpen up the mind a bit and it really worked.

Got the clue to start the blog post. Why was I stressing myself out for this pre marital sex issue? Could it make any difference if I thought otherwise? No! We progressed into this culture and those left behind were entering the same domain in bands, joyfully. Those thinking otherwise on fear of being castrated old fashioned just kept mum with helpless silent eyes. 

Cultures and traditions change with time and according to needs of people. I always remember the koan said by none other, the less speaking Prime Minister of India Mr.Mannohan Singh ji. "Galati lamhe ne ki, Sazaa sadion ne paai." ( a mistake of a second and generations were punished.) Today we can see perverts in great multitudes everwhere we look due to strict orthodox attitude on sex. One is afraid to use the word even in writing the word "SEX". Friends can sense the suffocation I must have felt in writing on this topic. Even celebration of day of love is met with rowdyism from orthodox quarters. Times are changing and with that our views too need to change. 

Mind goes back to the old days system prevalent in our culture. Most of my friends must have heard of the word "nagar vadhu" (literally meaning "Bride of town." This coveted title went to the most beautiful deserving candidate then. Any person from town could satisfy his desires as she was for all. This left no room for pervert mindset as no desires were suppressed by the culture. An old anecdote comes to mind where King Ashoka the Great was strolling besides the ganges river early in the morning and suddenly he mused to his Minister, "who can change the course of flow of this mighty river?" To which his minister replied without hesitation " I think only the Nagar Vadhu Bindumati can do it my lord". Bindumati was then summoned and asked to change the course of the river. They say at the slight touch of her hand to the ganges water, the flow of water started going in the reverse direction. Everyone was amazed by her feat. King then enquired how she had attained such power. She said humbly, "My Lord, a great saint had advised me on attainment of the Nagar Vadhu title, to treat all persons  coming for my service as equal, be it king or a pauper. I took this advice and give my full self to all without discrimination what so ever."

We saw the Kamasutra. This epic faced wrath of the pundits then but it had the divine message to unite with the self, written by Maharishi Vatsyayana. Then the statues at Ellora hills. What a brave enlightening work of art. It is said that it all depends upon the way we see things. We gain or loose by our mentality glass through which we classify a thing as good or bad.
I opine that we need outlook change in cultures with the changing times. We need scientific system for healthy society. We need open minds not closed ones. We should face the harsh reality before it crushes our backbones. Gone are the days when people were effectively convinced to follow a path of virginity in the name of "SIN". It was our forefathers bold steps into scientific study only that they evaluated "TANTRA" wherein nothing was taken as sin. Each and everything was considered a Godly realm and means to achieve enlightenment. 

I know many eyebrows may be rising reading this and I welcome each idea and thought in the form of comments. Feel free to give any opinion. I will try my best to answer.

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  1. I like your post but I do have a different opinion. I find love to be the "driving force" and may consider casual interaction as a sign of perversion. .

    1. thanks gaurab, Love is one thing and free mind another.

  2. I find no sin or immorality in premarital sex....that our society doesn't approve it has made it a clandestine hush-hush and everybody seems to think 'log kya kahenge'..however, there are some typical problems that are related with premarital sex, especially for girls. So I think one must be responsible enough and check some factors and shouldn't plunge into the pool blindly.

    Nice take Pramod aka Rio... :-D Best of luck...


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