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I woke up startled at the ruckus of coolies. I had overslept and seeing three coolies eyeing to grab my baggage in earnest to earn some money. I politely denied them all as I knew I could carry my baggage myself with ease. But before that I had too much work to do. Station had arrived but I felt strong pressure to relieve myself. I couldn't leave the baggage unattended at destination station, HOWRAH. I decided to control and get to my destination as soon as possible. Slowly I waded my way out of the station with my baggage rolling. 

I took a seat on the bus and waited anxiously for it to take me to my friends house in Taratolla fast enough. Seeing the jam at Howrah bridge I cursed myself for not coming in a day early. I had thought of refreshing myself with a nice Shave and going for the interview but looked I would have to forgo all these trivialities and be on time for the interview, that's all. My stomach ached to let go some air at least but I had held steadfast as I was a man of etiquette. I stood with no choice but to de board mid way with my baggage near the Company office where I had been required to come back. I hesitantly stood in front of the reception desk with my bulky baggage in tow. Hair all disheveled, with a careless beard of some days on my face I awaited the reaction of the gorgeous receptionist at the counter. Her reactionary exclamation upon my inquiry of waiting hall of for interview hit hard on my brains, "Kee daaroon". My mind told me to take it as a compliment and despite my stomach's pressures I managed a smile for her, thinking she would be greeting me daily now.  

Interviewer was a stout composed middle aged man, clean shaven, hair combed immaculately, as if done by her mother. I felt a sense of discomfort welling inside me. 

Before he could utter a word I mustered some strength to clarify my appearance. Seeing the receptionist I didn't want to loose this job by any means. I had been fully confident of my learning and I knew any company would be damn lucky to have me. But now I needed this company only. I had to make amends fast enough. 

I began "Sir, the roads are so jammed that if I went home to change I would have been late. This is the first time you are seeing me like this and I assure if I get the job, it's going to be a long innings of prosperity of the company along with me. I will leave no stone un turned to see our company on a "numero uno" position within three years.

My would be boss smiled at me and said, "I was determined to reject you by your lousy appearance but your one word has been able to sell you to my company. You may not be knowing but your word "Our Company" turned my mindset. "You are hired" and this is my record that the first time I have hired a disheveled un groomed man.

This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity 

at BlogAdda in association with Gillette'.

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